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Subject: Museum program on Civil War

Everyone is invited to attend the following program. Hope to see you there. Put up any of your Web sites.

Persons interested in learning facts few people know about
artillery battles of the Civil War are invited to attend a special program
Saturday night at the Henderson  County Heritage  Museum .
Jack Marlar, field representative for the Sons of
Confederate Veterans, will speak on “Great Artillery Actions of the War Between
the States” at 7 p.m. Saturday in the Community Room of the Historic
Courthouse. The program is sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp
70. The Henderson  County Heritage  Museum will open at 6
p.m. for persons attending the program to tour the museum.
In which great battle was artillery the deciding factor?
What battle had the most casualties from a single shot? In which battle was the
largest amount of property destroyed on one side and none on the other side? In
which battle was the largest percentage of people injured or killed on one side
compared to the other side?
These are just a sampling of little known facts that Marlar
will present Saturday.
Marlar is a lifelong resident of South Carolina and currently serves as the
senior field representative for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He serves as
the chief technical advisor to the Hunley Commission and spoke on the
Confederate submarine CSS H.L. Hunley last year at the museum. He has received
the national Robert E. Lee Gold Award and served on the board of directors of
the Confederate Museum 
in Greenville , S.C.
The program is free. For more information, call 694-1619 or
visit www.hendersoncountymuseum.org
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